Playing golf with a wet or crusty glove is no fun, the Glove Grabber solves that problem - D.W., NM

Glove manufacturers were asked what was the best way to extend the life of their golf gloves and care for them, these are their replies:


                        Air Dry - Accushnet/Footjoy

The best way to care for your golf glove is to allow it to dry naturally, this will help extend the life of your gloves - Nike Golf

        Air dry your gloves between rounds, air helps rid the gloves of moisture and prolongs the life of the glove   Gorilla Golf Gloves


The Glove Grabber promises to put an end to the days of pulling out crusty, crinkled gloves out of your golf bag. The Glove Grabber is simple and inexpensive, but effective at adding life to your golf glove by allowing it to air dry naturally. Just clip it to your bag and stick your gloves to it.